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  1. No tuition fees… unlike other countries you don’t have to spend so much amount for fees.
  2. Affordable living cost… Germany is cheaper than other countries. Living and eating are very low here.
  3. Trusted by international students…About 15% of international students chose Germany for their bachelor’s/ Master’s.
  4. Value of Degree. German universities are recognized And that’s why German degrees are accepted worldwide.
  5. Wide range. About 400 institutes and Germany offer 19000 courses. So you’ll get so many options to choose from for your field.
  6. Heart of Europe. From Germany, you can easily explore European countries like France, Switzerland and so on.
  7. Study and work Balance. Unlike in other countries, you can work while you study. Even after studying work and life balance is outstanding.
  8. Large student community. The atmosphere has a strong effect on the study, and indeed you get this most needed atmosphere in Germany.
  9. Peaceful country…. Germany is Economically, politically, and socially very stable. And even German people are very friendly and welcoming.
  10. 100% job guarantee… After completing your degree you’ll definitely get a good job. And well settle in Germany.