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We provide German, English, and French foreign language classes, university admissions and strong visa support for people who aspire to study abroad. We offer our study abroad Visa consultation for Germany, France, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Why Exzellent?

We have been teaching German for nearly seven years. We’ve taught the German language to over 2000 people. We provide German-language instruction at all levels: A1, A2, B1, and B2. Reading, listening, writing, and speaking are the four modules on which we concentrate. From the beginning, we practice speaking modules. We also have an Android application for students to develop their German language skills based on their German level and grammatical themes. For students who live outside of Surat, we also offer an online language course. We have the best coaching faculties, and our results reflect our instructional quality. If a student beats one of our highest records, we will award him or her a scholarship.


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Checks the ability of the student to listen and understand English in non-native accent.



Checks the ability of the student to read and comprehend the passages.



Checks the ability of the student to understand and interpret the questions correctly and answer all the parts aptly.



Face to face interview conducted by the examiner to check the ability of the student to communicate influent and grammatically accurate English.

Benefits to Study French Language

  • One of the most important languages in the world is French.
  • Tourism is extremely popular in France and other French-speaking countries.
  • International Sporting Events are Easier to Understand
  • French is regarded as one of the most romantic languages in the world.
  • There are scholarships available for French studies if you want to learn French for international business.
  • French is the language of many of the world’s greatest literary works.
  • Interested in learning more about French culture?
  • It is quite simple to learn French from English.
  • Learn French as a pastime/passion for languages

Languages at Exzellent


Our Facilities

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We provide a library for students to practices all 4 modules reading, listening, writing, and speaking. We design it, especially for practice listening modules.


We provide all types of material according to Goethe-based examination such as exam papers, exam practice books, vocabulary books, magazines, etc.

Exam Practice

We provide exam practice to students for all 4 modules reading, listening, writing, and speaking according to the Goethe-based examination.

Online Class

We provide online language class for Student who lives outside of Surat. We provide all our recorded videos and materials on our online class portal.



Satisfied Students


Wall of


Students Name
A1: 98/100
Students Name
A2: 90/100
Students Name
B1: 356/400
Students Name
A1: 98/100
Students Name
A1: 98/100

+2,000 Happy Students

Our students were exactly in your situation, This is what they said after we helped them get into the best public universities in Germany! 

The best learning experience at Exzellent! Superior to every other Surat German language school. Teachers are friendly, and their job is exceptional, as the term suggests. I would especially like to thank Nikunj Sir for enabling me to get my B1 test score of 360/400. Everyone who wants to learn German should enrol at this institute. You won't be sorry!
Abhi Gabani
B1 Student (German)
I got my first admission at TU Freiberg for advanced material analysis. At first, I had many doubts about my acknowledge because of my work experience and low GPA. Thanks to Sunil Virani and his team, who motivated me and helped during the process.
Yash Rathod
Student TU Freiberg, Germany
Exzellent is one of the most trusted institutes for learning German. You'll see the difference when you'll go for an exam. You'll feel that you're superior among all.
- Faculties are humble and friendly
- After completion, of course, practice sessions in Groups and one-to-one make us perfect for exam
Deep Kheni
Student at BTU Cottbus, Germany
Exzellent Language institute is one of the best german classes in Surat, which provides german language training based on the goethe-institut syllabus. Tutors are highly qualified and supportive. One can learn german till the B2 level of the European language standard. The tuition fees for all levels are very reasonable and reward high-scored students. In addition to that, they provided me with support for admission to a German university. As I have cleared Goethe-Zertifikat A1 (98/100), I can proudly say it is the best institute for German.
Jaydeep Kapadiya
Student at Hochschule Niederrhein, Germany
I’ve searched for many classes, but in my opinion, Exzellent is the best german class in surat if anyone wants to pursue their study in Germany. Professors are very friendly and guide us personally. It’s not like other classes. If any topic or lecture is missed, they teach us by giving us extra time and attention. Teaching quality is as per the Goethe examinations and would help in the future. 🙂
Dr. Akash Wala
Working as a doctor in Deggendorf, Germany
I have learnt the German language till B2 from this Institute. Sunil sir's way of teaching is entirely different from traditional language courses. He goes in deep on every topic and explains Grammar terminology, which is very helpful for learning German at B2 and C1 level.
Akash Shankar
Studying in German taught Master course at HS Ingolstadt